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Columbus School for Girls Provides Exceptional Education Experience

Located just east of downtown Columbus in Bexley, Columbus School for Girls provides a quality education for students from within a 40 mile radius of central Ohio.

Columbus School for Girls prides itself in small class sizes, maintaining a ratio of 9 students per each faculty member. The faculty is comprised of traditional classroom teachers as well as teachers in the fine arts, drama, music, information technology, health and physical education thus creating a rich and well rounded curriculum.

Columbus School for Girls believes and research confirms that single-gender educational environments are beneficial to students. The school offers a college-preparatory curriculum for Pre-K thru 12 grade girls. Students are supplied state-of-the-art facilities and programs focusing on the sciences, technology and mathematics specifically geared to each age group.

The rigorous curriculum, small class size, collaborative and interactive environment provides ample opportunity for girls to find their strengths, set high personal standards and develop into accomplished, confident individuals.