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The City of Upper Arlington, Ohio Real Estate

Courtesy of the Raines Group website

The city of Upper Arlington is another ofCentral Ohio’s wonderful communities which is within easy commuting distance to downtown Columbus.

 This pretty suburb of Columbus is younger than many realize, however it gives the impression of being much older. The area owes its existance to two Real Estate investors in 1913 who had a vision for a large country club district designed for the very wealthy. A Garden City by the river, a chance to escape early 20th century urban life.

Despite the dream not entirely coming to fruition as planned, modern day visitors will see treelined avenues with winding roads as well as historic homes with lush gardens. The modern day Upper Arlington is a bustling community of 35,000 people encompassing 9.7 square miles. However over 3% of the land is used as public parks.

If you are considering purchasing a home in Upper Arlington then please contact the Raines Group for professional Real Estate advice as well as information on properties for sale in the area. 

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