Gahanna Ohio Real Estate: Gahanna Development Department Tour Gahanna Central Park Area

Gahanna, the great central Ohio community is planning to develop its central park area. On the 11th of August the Gahanna Development Department will tour the area and review the development of the site including the progress of the construction of Tech Center Drive East and the connection of Science Boulevard.

A former landfill site is being transformed into a golf academy called the "Tartan Golf Academy at Central Park" additionally around 100 acres surrounding are academy are to be developed into office and technical space. Once complete the entire area will be known as "Central Park" a great bastion of economic growth showing how the area is benefiting from a stable housing market as well as job and economic growth.

It is hoped that the golf academy will be open in early 2009. The workers are really gaining momentum and are focused on getting the job done.

The development as well as Gahanna itself if ideally placed for commerce as well as a great place to live due to its proximity to downtown Columbus and Columbus international airport.

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