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New Albany Real Estate: When Adding Curb Appeal Do not Neglect the Garage Door

Your garage, it may be a love hate relationship – yes you may have a two car garage, but you can only fit one car in it for all the storage space you have used up for all that junk you keep meaning to throw away!

More importantly it is a selling feature for your home. However, not in the way you first may think. Not for the usable space it brings, but for its appearance on the…outside! A good high quality garage door can add thousands to a homes value and differentiate it from the rest of the properties in the street.

For every $5,000 you put in to a luxury garage door, you gain four times that amount in perceived value! A great return on your investment and of course adding just that bit of extra curb appeal could swing it for that lucky buyer.

No longer are custom wooden garage doors for the super rich, many people are switching to them. Particularly the old fashiong carriage door design – of course if it is sympathetic to the design of your property – as these give the appearance of opening outwards when in fact they operate as normal upward motion doors with the exisiting garage door motor.

Perhaps this weekend get out and see how your garage door looks, guaranteed you have not looked at it in that way before!

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