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Community of Hilliard Ohio Luring Businesses to the Community and promoting growth!

As with most communities in Central Ohio the last decade or so have really been promoting residential growth as more people move the region to take advantage of the great lifestyle which we have available in the region, however the City of Hilliard is currently promoting itself as a leading commercial center and is being successful in attracting businesses to its city limits! In fact it may be the first year since the 1970’s that the city has more commercial growth than residential!

Whereas growth in new construction homes has fallen off in the numbers of permits issued the city is focusing on growing whilst not overburdoning public services. Neighboring Dublin, Ohio has long been a champion at promoting its commercial sector with an increase last year over housing by 20%! New Albany of course has been another community which has promoted commercial development and is the home to national brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Limited Too.

Hilliard is trying to take this approach and is offering tax incentives to business to locate here. All very exciting! Back in the 1990’s Hilliard lead the way in residential growth as Ohio’s fastest growing community!

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