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New Albany Ohio Real Estate: Green Building Incentives to be introduced

Going Green is the way forward and here in New Albany! The Development department has proposed reduced fees in building permits for properties which are to be built in environmentally friendly ways. This intriging idea would benefit developers who used eco-friendly HVAC systems, plumbing, building materials and more! Although the council is yet to ratify the proposal, it is expected to do so due to the current trend in going green which has risen in popularity over recent years.

The proposal is a 20% credit in the reduction of the permit fee and if the construction company is LEED certified then they will receive more – LEED Certification is a federal run program which is costly, although if the developer plans to build numerous projects then the ceritifcation – which as numerous tests which have to be met – would make sense in the long run.

This certainly is exciting news in the villages building future! 

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