New Albany Ohio Community: New Albany for Kids Group Raises a huge $50,000

New Albany for Kids campaign – the organization in support of the New Albany-Plain Local School district levy of 24.4-mills on the Nov. 4 ballot, reported $53,000 in funds on its pre-general campaign finance report.

Over $46,000 contributions had been made and over $7,000 bought forward from previously.  The organization is a grassroots collection of residents who want to support the community and do the best for the local children and the school district.

The organization along with many local groups are urging voters to vote for Issue 79 at the ballot box. This is what would provide more funding for the district schools and give better opportunity for the children. The organization shows that the school district is already excellent and great value as it gives such good results, however the existing funding structure will expire soon and then there will be a need to facilitate a new levy to continue operations as normal.

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