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New Albany Ohio Business Community: New Travel Company Moving to New Albany, Ohio

The travel industry is one of the most diverse and bustling sectors to be working in right now. With every market sector in every industry awash with change there is none better placed than travel. It really is continually changing in different ways and more now than ever, people do need to get about a lot more! Whether looking at more efficient and greener transport or more exotic locations to go on vacation, there is never a dull moment!

Now, Jennifer Chrysler, the business director for New Albany Ohio has announced exciting news that a travel company is relocating to New Albany. “Travel Solutions“, which specializes in nationwide corporate travel programs, plans to move into the 18,000-square-foot first floor of the Water’s Edge development this summer.

This really is exciting news, showing that New Albany is not only ideally situated on the fringe of the Columbus metro area, with access to everything, including an international airport just moments away, but that the local economy is still robust.

The firm will employ 90 people with an annual payroll bill of around $3.2 million. Watch this space!

Definitely exciting news!

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