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What is Bluemile?

Ever since moving their headquarters to New Albany about a year ago there have been more and more news items popping up about the tech company Bluemile . One such news item that just popped up is a joint venture with BlueBridge out of Cleveland to link the 2 cloud computing hubs and create the most secure regional data service center in the country.

So why is Bluemile so important exactly? I mean I know they deal in fiber optic cloud computing, but what in the world does that really mean?

Here a are a few things that it means…

  • Using light to carry information, fiber optic data speeds are so much faster they will usher in a new kind of internet.
  • New Albany businesses will have access to the fastest connection on the planet.
  • This puts New Albany in an elite class of technologically forward leaning communities.
  • This positions New Albany and the surrounding area nicely to be a hotbed of implementing future technologies.

This video will show you a glimpse at just how important light is becoming, and some of the applications of communication technologies of the near future.

The local community will have a big player in connecting it to this important future utility. One that will drive industry and have a huge stake in shaping our lives.


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