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7 Things You Should Do Before Listing Your New Albany Home

New Albany real estateEverywhere you look, there is positive news about how the New Albany real estate market is picking up and how it’s a great time to finally list your property on the market and get the price you’ve been wanting.

While all of this is definitely true, it’s important to have a strategy before you jump right into the home selling process.

So today, we’re going to share with you 7 things that you should definitely do before you ever list your home on the market.

What Should I Do Before Listing My New Albany Home?

Here are our top recommendations for steps you should take before listing your property:

Get your home inspected. After all, the home buyer will inevitably request a home inspection to determine if there are any unseen issues they need to be aware of. Sometimes, the problems discovered during these home inspections can break a deal for the seller. So it’s important to know what issues your home has upfront as the home seller. Yes it’s an expense but it’s well worth it. Get a home inspection. You’ll be glad you did.

Give your house a makeover. You want to make sure your home is putting the best foot forward. So give it a solid cleaning. Don’t forget often overlooked places like the cabinets and the bathrooms.

Declutter your home. If you haven’t used something in more than a year (six months if you’re feeling really ambitious), get rid of it. Not only will this make your home more appealing to the buyer but it will also save you time and energy down the road when you’re packing up your house to move to your next home.

Stage your home properly. A well-staged home will make your home feel bigger, cleaner and more inviting. And these kinds of qualities are sure to impress would-be home buyers. So consider removing oversize furniture and replacing it with smaller furniture to make the room feel bigger. And arrange knick-knacks in odd numbers for a more aesthetic feel.

Get a home marketing plan in place. Just because the real estate market is picking up doesn’t mean that you won’t still have competition on the housing market. So make sure that your home is the one that buyers notice by putting together a marketing strategy that covers everything from print media to social media.

Meet with real estate agents. Before you select the agent you’re working with, consider interviewing several. Determine whether they have a lot of experience helping home sellers in your price range. Also find out if they’ve helped any of the neighbors in your community sell their home. To have the best chances of getting your home sold quickly and for the right price, you want to work with an expert!

Determine a list price. This is where your newly hired real estate agent can help! Setting the list price isn’t just pulling a number out of the air and hoping it works out. It requires looking at comparable sales in your community and also analyzing the added value you may have added to your home over the years through remodelings and renovations.

Helping You Sell Your New Albany, OH Home

We hope you found the above information insightful as an interested home seller in New Albany. Please feel free to contact us, The Raines Group, today if you have any additional questions about the New Albany housing market.

We’ve been helping home sellers just like you for years and we feel confident that, if given the opportunity, we could help you successfully sell your home on the market too. Give us a call today.

Have a great day!

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