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Home Cleaning Tips You May Not Know About

Cleaning our houses, in one way or another, is part of our daily routine. Want to learn some tricks on how to speed up the process? Keep reading!

  1. Clean as you go.Don’t leave all of your cleaning for one day because that can take forever. If you see something that needs to be dusted, do it, and then move on with your daily routine.
  2. Keep all of your supplies together. This makes it easier to get started cleaning because you don’t have to go looking for your supplies, they will all be in one place.
  3. Purchase a 50-foot extension cord for your vacuum. This way, you can plug in your vacuum once without the fuss of having to stop vacuuming in the middle of a room to plug it into another outlet!
  4. Use the same system for every time you clean. Try starting each room to the left of the doorway, at the top, and moving clockwise and down. It will almost be like you’re on autopilot once you get into the swing of the routine!
  5. Make a “catchall” spot for each member of the family so that when you’re in a room and cannot even see the floor to vacuum it, you can easily pick everything up and put them in that one spot.
  6. Squeegee the shower.Doing this will save you scrubbing hours in the shower later on down the road working on soap scum and water spots. Also leave the shower door slightly open to promote airflow, therefore hindering mildew buildup.
  7. Use Baby Oil as chrome polish.A little goes a long way and can work on surfaces from faucets to hubcaps.
  8. Use a vacuum on all floors. It will work just as well on carpets as it does tile or laminate flooring, plus saving you time switching tools!
  9. Don’t throw your broom out, though.Use your broom as a long distance duster by rubber banding a towel to the end and reaching the corners of all your rooms.
  10. Use rice as a coffee grinder cleaner.Using rice will take away odors and clean out old grounds and oil! Afterwards, just discard the rice and wipe down your grinder.

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