Should You DIY or Hire a Professional?

After a long winter, it is time to get your home ready for the summer. For many it does not matter the project, they always call the professionals. For others, home improvement and maintenance is a hobby. Deciding whether to hire professional or do it yourself comes down to a single question: What is it going to cost?

Home Advisor recently released a True Cost Guide that provides cost comparisons as well as trends surrounding home projects. Research shows that often homeowners hire out and spend an average of $3,100 on a home improvement project. The survey also took a look at why homeowners research project costs and one-third do so to find out if they received a reasonable bid, a quarter to help with budgeting and twenty percent are researching to help them decide if they should do the project themselves. Millennials are more inclined than any other age group to complete a project themselves if the cost of hiring a professional is too high.

Cost is not the only factor that should determine whether to hire a professional or do the project yourself. Before beginning a DIY project, it is important to realistically assess your abilities before tackling the project. A failed attempt at a do it yourself project can result in an increase in the cost of hiring a professional to undo your project.

The Internet can make a do it yourself project look a lot simpler than that it actually is. Our advice: start small. Instead of painting your entire house, begin with a single room and decide if the time investment, skill required and results are worth it to you. Before starting your project, look for projects that can be completed in one day and with tools you already have at home. Think very carefully before taking on projects that require permits or messing with plumbing, electrical or the structure of the home.

If you decide to hire a professional, consider getting several written estimates. Do not automatically go with the lowest estimate; be sure to ask the reasoning behind the price difference. Before hiring the professional be sure to find out how many projects similar to yours they have completed, check their qualifications such as licensing and insurance, found out if your project will require any permits and be sure to find out if they use subcontractors is there a fee that will be tacked on to the contractor.

Save money but get the job done right. Do research yourself before you DIY.

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