How To Make Great First Impression On Home Buyers

First impressions count. If you are selling your home, creating a memorable first impression is one of the most important things that you can do. We have made it easy to do with just ten simple steps:

  1. Clean up your yard. Mow the lawn, prune the bushes, remove dead tree branches, and remove outdoor furniture you do not plan on taking.
  2. Clean the front door and paint if necessary.
  3. Clean out closets and storage areas. You can donate old clothes and furniture which show that these areas provide great storage space.
  4. Professionally clean the carpeting. This is especially important if the carpeting will remain for the home buyers.
  5. Flip every switch in the house to make sure that the electrical works throughout the house.
  6. Caulk around the tubs and sinks; new caulking looks better than old caulking.
  7. Replace light bulbs with new ones and use as much wattage as the fixture will take. Illumination is key when trying to make the home seem light and open.
  8. Tour the home from the perspective of a first time visitor. Is there anything that might look off-putting to a visitor?
  9. If you have a pet, make arrangements for your pet to be elsewhere during a showing. Some visitors may have allergies, so you want to be considerate.
  10. Ask your broker to examine the property for specific showing tips to make your home unique when compared to others on the market.

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