How to Stay Organized and Focused While House Hunting

While house hunting, it is key that you keep track of the homes you have seen. After walking through a dozen homes, the features of each home begin to blur together. It is important to remember the amenities of each of the homes in order to determine which home would suit your needs best. Here are some of our helpful tips to staying organized and focused:

Set Priorities

Make a list of all the things you need and all the things you like in a home; be sure to list the items in order of importance. For example, having a finished basement may be more important than having a Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. Be sure you list includes the following:

  • Maximum price
  • Overall square footage
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Size of yard
  • Style of home (condo, single-family home)

Factor in Travel Time

Create a list of places you visit regularly in order of importance. For example, your work commute will likely be more critical than your favorite restaurant you visit twice a week. When buying a home, you are making a commitment to any travel arrangement permanently, therefore make sure the distance is doable for your family.

Take Notes

Once your lists are finalized, create a checklist that you bring  to each home. You will want to take notes that correspond with any of photos you take of the home. This will make it simple to compare all the homes that you are looking at while house hunting.

Start Touring

You are now ready to begin visiting homes. Walk through each of the homes and record the items on your list, as well as your emotional response. Take pictures of any special features you would like to remember. Don’t dwell on items that are easy fixes, such as paint color. If you walk into a home and instantly dislike it, it is best to trust your gut reaction; do not force yourself to into liking a home because it looks good on paper. However, if you walk through the front door and instantly feel at home, note that.

Review Your Notes

After visiting several homes, review your notes. Compare the homes by seeing if they offer features that are necessary for your family. Finding and buying the right home for your family can be a long process, but by following the previous steps making your final decision should come easily.

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