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My Favorite Room – Candace Caulkins

My Favorite Room Blog - Social MediaThe Raines Group’s My Favorite Room Blog Series takes a look at our team member’s most cherished places and spaces. Featuring a mix of hot spots and hidden gems, we hope to remind you just how special one room can really be.

This month, our favorite room comes from our one of our administrative assistants, Candace Caulkins. Candace has been with The Raines Group for just about a year. She currently lives in Kilbourne with her husband Chris and her son Skip.

What is your favorite room in your home?

My Dining Room

Why is it your favorite room?

It is a wonderful place to gather with family and friends, whether for dinner or game night.  Each corner of the room has it’s own little nook showcasing my antique obsession.

What do you like to do most in this room?

Enjoy good conversation over a hearty home cooked meal. As the Irish proverb states “Laughter is brightest where food is best”.

What is one unique or distinctive feature of this room?

The antique bird cage. I saw this in a store in uptown Westerville months before we had found a home. At the time there wasn’t enough space in our apartment to store it.  The moment we found a house, I had my husband drive straight there and I bought it as a house warming gift to myself.

In one word, how would you describe this room?


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our next My Favorite Room Blog coming in September!

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