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A DIY and First Time Home Buyer Experience

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We are so excited to share with you our newest video blog! Join our Closing Manager, Emily as she shares with us her experiences as a first time home buyer and takes us on an adventure through her latest DIY projects.

Many people would ask Emily what exactly she was looking for in a home. Emily and her husband Calvin looked at only two homes during their home search. When they sat down to talk about their search, the most important things on their list were location, walkability, and character.

Part of the reason Emily and Calvin found a place so quickly was because they were looking at homes that no one else wanted. They knew that to get history for their price point in an awesome location, they would be signing up for a fixer-upper.

Buying a home and renovating it is a very personal and emotional process – especially the first time around. Not only was it one of the largest financial investments that Emily and Calvin would ever make, but it was choosing how they would spend their time and money, where they would start a family, entertain friends, and make memories for years to come.

Emily’s biggest takeaway was to trust her instincts. She looked to many for help but finally realized that you could ask ten people their opinion and get twelve different answers. At the end of the day she realized she needed to trust her gut because her and Calvin were the ones who would have to deal with the outcome.

Emily and Calvin couldn’t be happier with their home and the direction they are heading. To keep up to date with Emily’s DIY journey, visit her blog here.   

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