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6 Things Hurting Your Home’s Value

There are many things you can’t control in the home selling process. While you certainly can’t force people to come to into your home or make an offer on it, there are several things you can take care of to avoid turning away prospective buyers. Look around and make sure you haven’t ignored any of these repairs that could make a buyer think twice about your asking price…

Bold Paint Colors. The color of your home is one of the first things that a buyer will notice. If the colors are bold and bright and don’t blend well with your home or neighborhood, you should look into having the rooms painted in a neutral color. This goes for both the interior and exterior of your home. By choosing a neutral color, it allows buyers to project their own ideas into the space.

Front Door. The front door is one of the next things a buyer will notice. If the door is flimsy, cheap, or outdated, it can discourage the buyer before it’s even opened. Spending money on a new door is one of the most reliable updates you can perform to recoup your cost.

Landscaping. As potential buyers drive up to your home, they will notice everything. They will notice your trees, the grass, the pathway leading to your front door, and the plants out front. The landscaping will matter to them! If your lawn is home to dead trees and plants, yellowing grass, or a ton of weeds, you may get lower offers than you anticipated.

Keep your plants trimmed and the grass freshly cut. Make sure all walkways are clear and fallen branches are removed from the lawn. A fresh layer of mulch can also always help to brighten up the outside!

Unpleasant Smells. Nothing can turn a buyer off faster than the stench of faded cigarettes or poorly trained pets. It may be hard for us to acknowledge the smells in our homes after we have lived in them for a while so ask a friend for their opinion. If it smells, getting a deep clean can help!

Lighting. Be sure to replace any harsh lights with bulbs that have a softer glow. Also, be sure to clean out any dirt or dead bugs that can mute your lights and provide an unwelcome scene for buyers.

Outdated Kitchen. Completely renovating a kitchen can get expensive pretty quickly. Keep it simple and start by updating to a neutral paint color. Also, be sure to declutter wherever you can. Another simple renovation idea is to remove any brass fixtures and knobs by updating them with something fresher and more modern.

While you may not realize it, these simple ideas can mean a world of difference for a home buyer! For any questions about buying or selling a home, contact us today at 614.855.8700!

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