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Upgrades top New Albany priorities for 2008

With several large projects completed in 2007 and some near completion, Village leaders are ready to tackle other improvements that have been on the back burner.

Planned improvements to the historic village center – the area around the intersection of main & High St. are very exiting. When two run-down buildings are torn down, officials hope that will help attract other business to the area.

Several pavement repair or replacement projects are in the 2008 budget, as well as plans to continue with a list of leisure trail connectivity goals. Plans include a connection along State Road 161 from Byington Playground to Resch Park and a connection along Central College Road from Bevelhymer Road to Dean Farm Road.

Improved safety in the area around New Albany Plain Local Schools campus is a benefit of the new connections as well as planned crosswalks.

Those crossings will benefit visitors to the new Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts, grand opening in February.

New Albany is becoming an arts destination. The Center will bring changes to the village, drawing the community together.