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Franklin County Auditor, “Home Values Are Secure in Franklin County”.

According to Franklin County Auditor, Joe Testa, home values in Franklin County are appreciating, all be it more slowly than in previous years. Past years have shown that Franklin County enjoyed a strong appreciating market..

County auditors adjust appraisal values every three years. While many factors go into the appraisal process, basically, appraisal standards review regular sales to set market values, viewing foreclosures separate and apart from the regular market sales. Auditors are also required to reflect past market values when adjusting values every three years.

According to County Auditor, Joe Testa, the three year period which ended in December 2007, reveals a 1 to 1.5 percent appreciation average per year. While these numbers may not be as impressive as previous years they do point to the fact that home values are not declining in Franklin County. Placing your home for sale in today’s market may take a little longer to sell but properties in Franklin County are still selling at above previously appraised values.

Forbes Magazine ranked Franklin County as the third most stable housing market in the U.S..