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Central Ohio Communities: Profile of The City of Pickerington

Pickerington is well known to be a great rural town to the south east of the Metro Columbus area. However all is not quiet in this town!

The city now boasts 15,000 residents who of course have easy access (within minutees) to one of the largest metropolitan areas on the mid-west. Of course the area has strong links with farming and up until the 1960’s this was its main industry. However since the 60’s farming has declined and the community has become the idea commuter city for Lancaster to the south and of course Columbus.

The community has only been a city since 1991 when its population click over 5,000 and it was granted city status. Since then the population has tripled.

The city is a great place to get away from it all yet still be conveniently placed to be able to access all that the region has to offer.

If you are looking for property in and around the Pickerington area then please contact the Raines Group today for assistance in locating a property.

Click here to see more of Pickerington and watch a video of the city.