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Central Ohio Political Race Heats Up As Election Draws Near!

 No matter what side of the spectrum/political scene you are on. Media predictions are right, this election campaign has become one for the history books!

With the roll our of polling booths across the state for early voting and people turning out in their thousands to cast their vote it is no wonder that tensions are heating up!

In Franklin County the early voting stands at Veterans memorial were overrun, in the last month 41,000 people have voted there and Democrats are calling for the booths to be open longer. Wait times at some points were 2.5 hours!

Proposals to extend the hours did fall down, but with such a high turnout of people wanting to cast their vote many are just getting in line and waiting! With both Candidates in the area as well it has created a flurry of political activity as they finish up the final run of the campaign trail.

 What is for sure is that this election and its local political activity will go down in the history books!

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