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Central Ohio Real Estate: Worthington Green Home Wins Award

The participants in the Worthington Home BASE program, which was suspended this year, built an ultra green home at 258 N. 21st St. in Columbus for about $200,000, including the cost of the lot! What a bargain!

The program teaches people basic skills and this latest project is the 10th home built in 10 years! This latest project,  included a partnership with the Columbus Green Building Forum and the Columbus Housing Partnership. The house, built by high school students is up for an award from the Columbus Landmark Foundation as the property is so energy efficient, sustainable and green. The home became LEED Certified even before it was complete!

The property was recently featured in the Green Energy Ohio Magazine and with using building materials that can be recycled when their useful life is over – including a roof that will last 80 years, and solar power, it really is a great engineering feat! 

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