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Reynoldsburg Ohio: 2008 Christmas Trees for Troops Started!

Reynoldsburg Ohio is a great community to live, work and play! This years 2008 Christmas SPIRIT Trees for Troops program is already getting started at the Ohio Department of Agriculture! Over 300 trees were donated starting of the event where trees are being sent to servicemen and women overseas for the holiday season.

In its forth year it is expected that over 16,000 trees will be sent to our troops and families this festive season. The Christmas SPIRIT Foundation was founded in 2005 and is a branch of the National Christmas Tree Association and performs a whole host of other activities throughout the community in addition to its main focus of “Trees for Troops” which is held in 27 states!

The trees are inspected for pests and diseases before being shipped out and this year it is hoped that the milestone of 50,000 trees will be reached! With so many troops overseas and away from their families this holiday season the program is a great way of bringing the holiday season to them!

All in all, it shows that Reynoldsburg is a great town, (famous for its tomato festival!) if you would like more information in Real Estate in Reynoldsburg or if you are looking to purchase a property in New Albany Ohio or the surrounding area in Central Ohio such as Gahanna, Plain Township or New Albany itself, then please contact The Raines Group for professional Real Estate advice in the region. The Raines Group are more than happy to assist you in your real estate needs. Contact them today via their online contact form or by calling Sandy Raines on: 614-418-7417

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