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New Albany Ohio Real Estate: Custom Home Sales Rebounding!

If you are in the custom home market then things are really looking up for you! Recently reported by Realty Times, A marked increase in pre-sold custom-built homes appears to be on the rise!

This is excellent news, with stability being the name of the game in Real Estate at the moment it is great to see that a market sector is on the rise. There are many reasons for this increase, the main one being that construction costs (lumber is at a 10 year low right now) have decreased making the prospect of owning a custom built property more affordable for many and as such demand has increased, not to mention the lower interest rates currently being offered making purchasing a home a really great deal at the moment.

Not to mention a marked increase in this market sector many custom home builders are seeing an interest in the $1,000,000 plus range!

With many homes in New Albany being custom properties it is no wonder that many are seeking to relocate to the village.

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