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New Albany Ohio Real Estate: Latest Trends in Real Estate – Custom Closets

One of the latest trends in customizing your home to make it more useful as well as more appealing to buyers is to have custom closets.

You may think that such a small area of your home would not be so vital, however if you analyze your closet I can guarantee you will be in for a surprise in how much stuff you keep in there! (In a similar fashion to your garage!) When we speak of custom closet design we aren’t just talking about wire racks and shelves, we are talking about matching furniture with the room and including custom fitted built in drawers and clothe racks and shelves.

After the trend initially started in the 80’s it has become more widespread and closet spaces have grown over recent years in new construction homes. A host of closet design companies have sprung up in the last two decades offering their own space saving, aesthetically pleasing designs to declutter and organize your closet space.

Despite being functional necessities in a property, closets are important in helping a home be organized and ensuring that stress levels are kept low – more clutter = higher stress levels!

There is a school of thought that a custom designed closet solution can increase the marketability of your home as well as increase its value by adding a luxurious addition to your homes design.

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