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New Albany Real Estate: Top 10 Tips For Attracting Buyers into your home

Calling All Home Sellers in New Albany Ohio! If you are selling your property here are some great tips to help you sell your property – fast!

We have been giving many different tips in many different posts in the last year, however this latest string of advice posted on comes from MSNBC financial guru Laura T. Coffey and if you follow all of the instructions and advice below you may be able to get your home sold fast!

  • Can the clutter.We have written about this before haven’t we? Organize the garage! Pack away the clutter and organize your home! Perhaps install a custom closet?
  • Let there be light! – Take down any heavy drapes and clean those windows – you will be amazed how much extra light that is let in.
  • Clean, Clean, Clean! – Shampoo soiled carpets, Scrub the front door. Repaint scuffed walls. Tidy up the lawn and trim the shrubs – a clean home is a happy home!
  • Finish the “honey do” list. Fix everything that is in need of repair and we mean everything! A home inspector will pick up the smallest of things so be thorough!
  • Enhance the view. Erect a fence or plant shrubbery to improve or obscure the view of unattractive nearby properties or streets. If you have a great view then you definitely want to make the most of it – its what made you fall in love with the place, right?
  • Open your house on Weeknights – Holding an open house on Wednesday may attract a different crowd of buyers than the weekend casual shoppers.
  • Ask for criticism from all angles – Consult with buyers’ agents for their feedback. Talk to your agent and use their knowledge to your advantage.
  • Go out when your home is shown – Sellers should leave when their home is being shown so buyers and their agents can talk freely.
  • Rent to own. Give a potential buyer a little credit. Becoming a landlord may keep you from having to shoulder two mortgages and in a challenging market can pay dividends!
  • Drop the asking price. Talk to your agent about the best price your home suits in the current markeplace.

How about staging your home? Whichever options you select, good luck!

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