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Central Ohio Real Estate: Spring Is Nearly Here – Time to Recoat the Roof!

Spring time is nearly here!

The sun is starting to shine and the flowers are starting to bloom! However, that is not all that is occurring! With the new bright and sunny days brings new concerns, all those repair jobs you were unable to perform in the winter show up more than ever!

In terms of general good housekeeping let alone saleability looking after your roof is generally a job which many never even give a second thought!

However if you have a flat roof then now is the time to start looking after it as these usually present the most problems. Most homes of course do not have a flat roof for the most part of the property, however some do have one over other structures such as the garage. Recoating the roof is something which should generally be done every five years.

Here are some reasons for coating the roof:

  1. To maximize roof service life by reflecting harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
  2. To restore a moderately aged roof to a maintainable watertight condition.
  3. To restore an earlier coating applications that has deteriorated.
  4. To minimize solar gain and reduce a building’s cooling loads.
  5. To improve a roof’s appearance that is visible from the ground or from an adjacent building.
  6. Certain UL-classified coatings can increase a roof’s flame spread resistance. This type of application typically is specified in conjunction with roof system construction. Flame spread resistance, however, can be upgraded after a roof is in service.

Here are three reasons why it may not be right for you to recoat your roof:

  1. A coating never makes a bad roof good. If a roof has reached the end of its useful life, coating it is a waste of money.
  2. Ponded water that remains for more than 48 hours after a rain reduces a coating’s service life. These areas need to be properly repaired to promote positive drainage before applying a coating.
  3. Coatings will fail prematurely if they are applied in environments containing excessive dust, debris, steam, liquid discharge or other contaminants. If contaminants can’t be completely removed prior to coating application, the coating will not adhere or flake off.

Note that there are many different types of coatings for your roof. Consult with a knowledgeable flat roof contractor to determine the proper coating for yours. The cost of application is usually modest compared to the cost of replacing the entire roof. To make it look prettier, you can even custom color it, just like paint!

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