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5 Tips for Preparing to Sell Your home, Columbus

There are many steps one can take to eliminate much of  the stress of selling a home. By prepping your house ahead of time you can be fully prepared. Get your home ready to sell with these five easy tips.

1. Take YOU out of the equation.
Get rid of your personal touches. Anything on display that you hold dear, box it. Chances are potential buyers are not you. Start by taking down all the adorable photos of your kids, especially off of the refrigerator. It really cleans up  the kitchen to have a refrigerator free of papers and photos.

2. Zero out the clutter.
It’s time to toss the stuff in the corners. This is a major step towards having a presentable listing, and you may even find a few things that you’ve been looking for. Throw away all that you can and donate the rest.

3. Make your home not just presentable but appealing.
When selling a home, appeal can’t be underestimated. Get your house ready to sell by cleaning up the outside. Create a look, your home has personality, make the reasons you bought it in the first place shine. As for the inside, buyers want a blank canvas.

4. Take care of any stinky situations.
Don’t try to disguise smells, just get rid of them. Have the carpet and furniture professionally cleaned. If you have cats, change the litter box everyday.

5. Start cleaning.
One of the most important things that you can do when selling a home is to thoroughly clean your house. Scrub the baseboards, moldings, and the blinds. Clean the carpets. Get your wood or tile floors to shine. Clean as if your mother-in-law is coming. Also, there is nothing wrong with getting a little help. Spending some money on a professional cleaning service can be well worth it. It will get the job done faster, and hopefully better, than if you did it by yourself.

A last and final tip: If you are considering selling your home, take an afternoon and go to a new home community. Walk through the model homes. Notice how spartan they are. Model homes are depersonalized, de-cluttered, and very clean. Aim for that same look for your own home when you’re looking to sell.

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