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Brick… What a Concept!


Permeable sidewalk surrounding New Albany's branch of The Columbus Metropolitan Library


New Albany’s forward-thinking approach to development isn’t limited to high tech infrastructure and fiber optics. In fact, one of the latest examples employs an old world tool – brick.
The city recently launched an innovative storm water mitigation initiative. The project is designed to protect existing natural features and restore native habitats while ultimately supporting over 340,000 square feet of commercial development, 800 multi-family residential units and 700 single-family homes surrounding Market Square, the community’s urban core.
The effort encompasses a variety of the best practices  developed that address the issue holistically. The project spawned the transformation of Third Street into a ‘green street’ where the historic brick pavement not only complements the community’s timeless Greorgian architectural style but also serves as a permeable surface that filters and stores storm water prior to release into the Rose Run stream corridor.

It’s another example of how New Albany continues to grow in a way that protects its architectural integrity and natural setting while encouraging the development of a progressive 21st century infrastructure.


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