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How to Get Your Home Ready For an Open House

Trying to sell your home? Having a successful open house can help you! Check out these great tips for preparing your home to sell with an open house.

Hosting an open house is a great way to bring in tons of potential buyers, but if your house is unsightly, dirty, or cluttered, those potential buyers will probably turn around and walk right back out the door. Potential buyers attend open house functions because they’re trying to get an idea of whether or not the home will meet their needs; to give your home its best chance to impress, follow these guidelines from

Make it less personal.

  • Keep family members and pets away from the home during an open house
  • Remove photos, awards, and other sentimental objects during an open house
  • Consider putting personal items into storage while your home is on the market

Taking down family photos and storing personal items allows you and your family retain at least some privacy during the home selling process, but there is another benefit to depersonalizing your home. A potential buyer at an open house is trying to imagine their life in that home, which can be hard to do with pictures of a strange family staring at them in every room.

A closet isn’t a good hiding place for clutter.

  • The goal is for your home to appear spacious
  • Consider renting a storage unit or asking a friend/family member to hold on to extra clutter

Rule number one of an open house is to de-clutter. That doesn’t mean hide clutter in the closets, attic, basement, or garage – potential buyers will be looking in all of those spaces during an open house. Empty spaces look larger than cluttered spaces, and you want potential homebuyers to be able to assess whether your home will meet their own storage needs.

Making your home inviting.

  • Try baking bread or cookies before the open house starts
  • Scented candles also make the home feel warm and inviting
  • Add fresh flowers or other plants in and outside of the home
  • Keep a fruit bowl on the counter and clean towels in the bathroom

While you want your home to be free of clutter and depersonalized, you don’t want it to feel like no one lives there.

Let in light.

  • Windows should be clean inside and out
  • Open all curtains and shades
  • Make sure that all light bulbs are working and shine brightly

Quite simply, “light sells homes”, according to The idea is that light will make your home feel more warm and inviting and will allow potential buyers to see everything your home has to offer.

Follow these tips for a successful open house and check out for more great tips on selling your home!

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