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What Size House Should You Buy?

When deciding what size house to buy for you and your family, it is necessary to evaluate a number of factors. Most people lean toward larger homes, however it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option.

What are my long-term needs?

Determine how long you plan on living in your home; this will help you determine your size needs over that period of time. Do you plan on living in your home for ten years with three children? Will your children be going away to college soon? These are some questions to consider asking yourself.  It is a smart decision to buy a home that takes care of your future needs.

Do I really want to clean a large home?

Remember, you will have to clean a larger home. The larger the space, the more work that is involved. Even if you hire a housekeeper, it will be more expensive for them to clean a larger home.

Will I be able to furnish a large home?

When buying a larger home, you need more furniture. Not only do you need more furniture, but you need larger pieces to fill up the larger space, which means you will most likely will be buying new furniture. This can be a huge expense that home buyers can sometimes forget when considering buying a larger home.

Can I afford the maintenance?

The larger the home, the more maintenance it will take to keep up the home. It will cost more to install new roofing, carpeting, and tiling. Also, the larger yard will cost more to mow the lawn and maintain the landscaping. The utility bills for a larger home will be much higher. You can ask the seller to get an of what to expect if you buy the home.

What do I really prefer?

It is necessary to factor in your personal preference. Some people prefer a cozy, smaller home, while other enjoy having space for guests.

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