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Your Charity, Our Donation

The Raines Group gives back to the community where we live.

We are thrilled to announce the start of our 4th Annual 200th Home Sale Charity Program! The proceeds of our 200th Home Sale will go back into our community in support of the charities nominated by you!

Follow this link to vote today!

Here’s our amazing charities for 2021:

Adaptive Sports Connection empowers children, adults, and veterans with disabilities through sports and wellness programs. Founded in 1992 in Columbus, Ohio, Adaptive Sports Connection helps those with disabilities and their families stay active. Over the years, we have been able to impact the lives of thousands of individuals living with disabilities due to amputations, combat-injuries, post-traumatic stress syndrome, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, autism, other neuromuscular/orthopedic conditions, downs syndrome, brain injuries, visual impairments, and more. We currently offer sports programs including: downhill skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, cycling, paddle boarding, and sailing.

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Columbus Humane is a team of experts — skilled, caring, innovative, and dedicated to their mission. Columbus Humane is not a government agency, so it does not receive general operating support from national organizations. Rather, they rely on the support of private donors for more than 92% of their funding and remarkable volunteers to make the work possible. Join them. And together, help them continue making history.

Columbus Humane’s mission is to fight animal cruelty, help animals in need, and advocate for their well-being. And they have been doing it since 1883.

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Over the arc of a lifetime, starting from diagnosis and along every step of the way, DSACO is there to help. Our robust services provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for those in the Down syndrome community, no matter who you are. Some examples of programs DSACO offers include:


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Mental Health America of Ohio is an affiliate of Mental Health America, the country’s leading organization dedicated to helping all people live mentally healthier lives. MHAOhio supports the Central Ohio community by guiding people to mental health services that may not otherwise be accessible. MHAOhio believes in inclusivity and work with ALL individuals and their families through each step on the path to wellness, from making initial referrals, to providing free mental health services, to helping maintain stability and productivity once they are achieved.

Mental Health America of Ohio’s mission is to transform how people think about mental illness, make it easier to get help, and give people the support they need to get better and stay better.

Learn More Here:

New Albany Firefighters Foundation is a firefighter run non-profit organization focused on helping first responder families in need. Our foundation started when we unexpectedly lost one of our own at the age of 39, Beau left behind a then 9 year old son Jake.

With great community support we have grown to what we are now and able to help so many in need. We are launching our veterans scholarship in 2021 which will send 1-2 returning veterans to fire and emt school.

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Neighborhood Bridges New Albany was formed in 2019 and their mission is to bridge communities with schools by providing basic needs, removing barriers, and seeking equity for students so they can engage and succeed in school and life. New Albany Neighborhood Bridges invited the community to subscribe to their email and follow them on social media channels to learn more about their needs within the community.

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In the 21st century, far too many people are trapped in the darkness of sex trafficking. Out of Darkness is on the frontlines every day rescuing these individuals. The goal of Out of Darkness, is to provide holistic, individualized and trauma-informed care to adult victims of commercial sexual exploitation through a seamless continuum of services including: Outreach, 24-hour hotline services, safe home services, and long-term program placement. The consistent work of Out of Darkness provides a stable, safe space for victims to seek refuge. Out of Darkness is poised to respond to crisis situations, efficiently coordinate the care needed for stabilization, and make connections to long-term care on behalf of victims.

Learn More Here:

Ohio Sled Hockey is hockey for people with physical disabilities. Sled hockey is a Paralympic sport in which an athlete sits in a sled and uses two short sticks with picks to propel themselves on the ice. Ohio Sled Hockey has athletes of all ages participating in teams across the state. The mission of Ohio Sled Hockey is to provide the opportunity for individuals with physical limitations to learn about and participate in the sport of hockey. Our focus is on developing each athlete through instruction, encouragement, evaluation, and competition. This progression promotes and improves the sport of sled hockey by allowing local players to participate from novice to national level of play. Athletes will improve overall health and fitness levels while participating in therapeutic and competitive sport. Ohio Sled Hockey athletes will experience team camaraderie, trust, and the development of meaningful friendships both on and off the ice.

Learn More Here:

The Read to Succeed Foundation was established in 2013, by Emily Spector, a former New Albany student and current student at the University of Georgia. The Read to Succeed Foundation strives to enable underprivileged children to escape the cycle of poverty by providing them with free books, allowing them to build confidence in their reading skills, succeed in school, and have a world of characters to turn to in times of stress. We collect donations of new and gently used books ranging from infant to high school, organize and label them in specific categories and reading levels, collaborate with program leaders, make deliveries to food pantries and other organizations to create mini-libraries and complete many initiatives that help underprivileged children succeed. Developing mini-libraries in food pantries, community centers, underfunded schools and programs, we aim to incorporate “brain-food” as an important asset in these locations.

Learn More Here:

 The mission of ROX is to create generations of confident girls who control their own relationships, experiences, decisions and futures.

 ROX is the national non-profit leader on programming, research and education focused on girls. At ROX, we believe that we must simultaneously impact girls and educate/support the adult influencers in their lives, while improving the societal conditions that are negatively impacting girls. We work towards this mission and vision by:

1. Implementing evidence-based programming for girls
2. Conducting national, innovative research focused on adolescent girls
3. Educating the community on issues impacting girls through data-driven workshops and trainings for educators, parents and caregivers

Learn More Here:

Founded in 1958, Recreation Unlimited Farm and Fun (Recreation Unlimited) is a 501(c)3 not-for profit organization serving individuals with disabilities and health concerns and supported through the strategic and development efforts of the Recreation Unlimited Foundation, also a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.  The mission of Recreation Unlimited is to provide year-round programs in sports, recreation and education while building self-confidence, self-esteem and promoting positive human relations, attitudes, and behaviors for individuals with disabilities and health concerns.  

The 195 acres accessible campus typically (pre-COVID-19) serves annually over 3,200 individuals with disabilities and health concerns including almost 1,300 through the Recreation Unlimited Summer Residential, Winter Residential, Summer Day, Year-Round Respite Weekend, Specialty Weeklong and Weekend Camps and Programs and Family Day Camps and Resource Fairs. Recreation Unlimited is the largest provider in the state of Ohio for out-of-home respite services, representing over 12 disability groups and 44 counties in the state of Ohio.

Learn More Here:

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