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Fall Home Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Fall has arrived which means winter is not too far away! Now is the perfect time to take care of the little things that can make a big difference for you and your home.  Check out these helpful home maintenance tips to get you started…

Outside Your Home

  1. Clean Out Your Gutters – After the leaves have fallen it is time to clean out your gutters and downspouts. Flush them with water, inspect joints, and tighten brackets if necessary. Clogged gutters are one of the major causes of ice dams. Make sure to replace old or damaged gutters with new ones that have built-in leaf guards to help save you time and money in the future.
  2. Caulk Windows – In order to prevent heat from escaping your home, make sure to caulk around your windows and door frames. Openings can cause water to get in and freeze, resulting in cracks and mold build up. Caulking is one of the least expensive home maintenance jobs and provides great benefit to homeowners.
  3. Seal Your Driveway – It is important to inspect your driveway for cracks. Make sure to clean out and repair any damage with driveway filler and then coat with a commercial sealer. Sealing your driveway can help extend its life through the winter.
  4. Inspect Your Roof – Make sure to inspect your roof or hire a licensed professional to examine for wear and tear. If the shingles are curling, buckling, crackling, or missing, it is time to replace t hem.  Your roof is your first defense in protecting your home so it is better to proactively deal with repairs in the fall then discover a leaky roof during a snowstorm.
  5. Clean Yard Equipment & Store Your Lawn Furniture – Cleaning your yard equipment and lawn furniture will make your life much easier when it comes time for Spring. This will also give you the opportunity to test all of your snow equipment and make sure it is accessible and functioning properly before the first snow fall! Make sure to drain the fuel from all of the gas-operated equipment such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws.

Inside Your Home

  1. Inspect Your Fireplace – Have your fireplace inspected, cleaned, and repaired in order to prevent possible chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Heating systems will use fuel more efficiently, last longer, and have fewer problems if they are properly serviced.
  2. Clean & Replace Filters – Clean and replace filters in your furnace or heating system. Contact a licensed heating contractor to inspect and service your heater or furnace to avoid possible carbon monoxide poisoning. Your local utility company will often provide this service for free.
  3. Review Home Fire Safety – The introduction of the heating season brings new potential for fire hazards, so take a moment to review fire safety in your home. Check and replace fire extinguishers if necessary, and change the batteries in your smoke detectors. It is also a great time to go over the home fire evacuation plan with your family.

These simple home maintenance tips should keep your home running in peak condition all winter long!

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