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What Stays With The House When You Move?

When you are selling your home, it is natural to believe that anything you can safely remove is yours to keep, such as light fixtures or appliances. Unfortunately, the buyer may want those items too. Rather than keeping everything, decide what you want to keep and what you should leave as a way to entice buyers into making an offer. Here’s what you should consider:

What stays with the house?


Built-in bookshelves, benches, and pull-out furniture generally stay with the home.


Trees, shrubs, and any flowers planted in the ground should stay in the yard.

Wall Mounts

If you have TV wall mounts or picture mounts that might damage the wall if you remove them, it is a good idea to leave them in place when you move.

Custom Items

If you have custom-made curtains, plantation shutters, or blinds, leave them on the windows and doors.


If you upgraded the knobs and drawer pulls in your bathrooms and the kitchen, you’ll either have to leave those behind or install replacements before you move.

Alarm Systems

Wireless alarm systems are designed to be removed. Otherwise, leave the alarm monitoring station attached and either relocate or cancel the monitoring service.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors and sprinkler systems should stay in the house, especially if you plan to move before selling the house.

What can you take?

Patio Furniture and Lawn Equipment

If you have a wooden swing set in the backyard and a bistro table on the front porch, take those items with you.


It’s up to you to decide what you will take and what you will offer as part of the home.

Some Light Fixtures

Homeowners  tend to leave light fixtures behind, but if you are attached to a certain fixture, you can make arrangements with the buyer to take it.

Built-In Kitchen Tools

If you can safely remove a mounted spice rack or the pasta arm, you can take it with you.

Decor Items

Small decor items like rugs or curtain rods that can be safely removed can be taken.

What should you consider leaving?


Many buyers would be more likely to place an offer on a home if it came fully stocked with appliances.

Custom Swing and Play Sets

If you have a swing set or playhouse your children have outgrown and you notice a potential buyer has children, offer to include the item with the deal.

Kitchen Built-Ins

Built-in spice racks, pantry organization, and windowsill shelves can really help sell a kitchen. Consider offering the items to an interested buyer.

Light Fixtures, Curtains, Rugs

If you’ve upgraded the light fixtures or have custom rugs in the entryway, a buyer may be willing to increase his or her offer to keep those items in the home.

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