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Zoos, Castles, Parks and More: Top Day Trips in Ohio

Living in Ohio comes with tons of perks, including countless spots for you to explore. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a weekend adventure, we’ve got some of the top day trips in Ohio for you to discover

It doesn’t matter if you love exploring outdoors, or getting your heart pumping on some thrilling rollercoaster—Ohio simply has it all. Keep reading for our top destinations…some of them may surprise you!

Cedar Point

A roller coaster at Cedar Point, one of the best day trips in Ohio.

If you’re a thrill-seeker at heart, you need to check out Cedar Point! People from around the country come to this Roller Coaster Capital of the World, making it one of the top day trips in Ohio.

This Sandusky, Ohio amusement park features 17 coasters, including Steel Vengeance, which is the tallest, fastest, and longest hybrid coaster in the world!

The Columbus Zoo

Woman taking care of an elephant in its exhibit.

For all the animal lovers, the 580-acre Columbus Zoo is a must-see. This zoo, which features 7,000 animals and is one of the best in the nation, is located right in Powell, Ohio!

Come check out the exhibits, which include an entire aquarium section, all year-round to learn about animals from across the globe. The zoo is also involved in many conservation efforts.

Loveland Castle

Loveland Castle, one of the best day trips in Ohio.

Did you know Ohio is home to its very own castles? It’s true! One of our favorites is Loveland Castle, which is also known as Chateau Laroche.

Located in Loveland, Ohio, this castle was built in 1929 and was inspired by its medieval counterparts. Tours are available year round, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even stay there for the night!

Olentangy Indian Caverns


Looking for a piece of Ohio history? Discover the Olentangy Indian Caverns, located in Delaware, Ohio.

These caves were used by the Wyandotte Indians for centuries, but the caverns were actually formed millions of years ago. Discovered in the 1800s, the caverns are now available for tours. Come explore this secret underground world today!

Old Man’s Cave

Waterfalls in a forest.

Tucked just off of State Route 664 is one of the best day trips in Ohio. Come explore Old Man’s Cave, a six mile trail and campground that features breathtaking waterfalls and scenery.

This is the perfect place to bike, hike, or just relax in the outdoors. You’ll never be able to find a spot like this anywhere else in Ohio!

Downtown Columbus

Museums are one of the coolest day trips in Ohio.

Looking to explore the city? Downtown Columbus is the perfect place for you! You’ll never get bored in Ohio’s most populous city, which has plentiful shopping and dining options.

This thriving metropolis has something for everyone, including COSI, a hands on science museum, and Easton Town Center, a prime Midwest shopping destination.

Ready to Call Ohio Home?

Ready to experience some of the best Ohio day trips for yourself? Then it’s time to buy a home in the Columbus area! This centrally located city has plenty of suburbs, which truly makes it a hub for Ohio day trips.

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