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Raines Crossing, Coming Soon!

Raines Crossing will open this spring and connect cultural, educational and commercial centers in the heart of New Albany.

This project is exciting and very important to The Raines Group, our CEO Sandy Raines and her husband and Principal of The Raines Group, Ron Cadieux made a donation to the project because of their love for this community and all it has given them personally and professionally.

The Raines Group has been representing families all over central Ohio for over twenty years.  The New Albany community has been ground zero for their flourishing real estate business and genuine relationships have been made with members of this community.  Sandy, Ron and their children Laura and Nathan are honored to be able to financially support this project.  Their family has been incredibly blessed to be a part of the New Albany community and they look forward to seeing Raines Crossing come to life!

According to Adrienne Joly, the city’s director of administrative services, connectivity is the primary benefit of the Rose Run project.  Raines Crossing is a 34-foot bridge and promenade that will connect the New Albany-Plain Local School District campus to the New Albany branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and Market Square. The north landing of the promenade will end in a plaza on the lawn near New Albany Middle School and New Albany High School, and the south end of the promenade will end at a public garden near the library. The improvements will bridge the gap between the learning campus and Market Street.

This new amenity will allow everyone to cross safely and make our community more walkable.  Other amenities at the park include free Wi-Fi, a natural play area for children, a variety of seating areas and a bicycle hub near the library garden to fill water bottles and work on bicycles.

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