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9 Places To Volunteer in Columbus

Patriot Day is this month and even though it’s a somber day in our nation’s history, it revives our communities desire to give back and to take care of others. If you are looking for a meaningful way to volunteer in central Ohio on Patriot Day or any day of the year, here’s a list of places who would appreciate you!

Columbus Diaper Bank

Volunteers in sorting diapers and a dog.

This fantastic organization helps our community meet a very important basic need diapers. Did you know 1 and 3 babies are in need of this basic item? Currently there are zero state or federal organizations who provide this assistance to families. Columbus Diaper Bank fills this gap by providing diapers and continues to improve the lives of so many in central Ohio. Learn how you can donate or set up a diaper drive here!

The Star House

The Star House is the only drop in center for youth between the ages of 14-24 in Central Ohio. This amazing organization offers respite for the youth who are experiencing homelessness in our community. There are so many ways to help this very important organization. You can volunteer at the facility, donate items, provide meals, send in gift cards for them to distribute, host an even or start a donation drive. Sometimes it takes a village to lift our vulnerable youth population up and to give them the extra help needed to live a meaningful life. If you would like to learn more about their special mission click here!

Young adults receiving food at a shelter.

Lifetown Columbus-Lessons for Life

Woman at a crosswalk.

Imagine a small town where young people are immersed in the role of everyday life. At Lifetown Columbus a visit is a field trip full of adventure and hands-on learning about everyday life skills. The facility in Columbus is one-of-a-kind and welcomes children of all ages through its doors everyday. This wonderful organization needs volunteers to keep their town running, it takes approximately 20 volunteers a day to assist the children exploring the town. They are also in need of in-kind donations, event helpers, scholarship funds and so much more. Learn more today about how you can volunteer at Lifetown Columbus here!

Nationwide Children’s Hospital-On Our Sleeves

Arm with a tattoo.

This amazing movement is on a mission to break the stigma surrounding children’s mental health. Families across the nation are struggling with this life changing issue alone. Nationwide Children’s Hospital has joined the mission and is spreading the word about this very important issue. Would you like to help them get the word? On Our Sleeves provides free resources to those in need in our community. They bridge the gap between families and the desperate help they need for their children suffering from mental health issues. If you are looking for ways to help spread the word in your community and to promote this important mission click here!

Animal Causes

Woman volunteering at an animal shelter.

There are so many amazing organizations in our community who advocate for the animals. These shelters and volunteers provide the much needed care and love to homeless animals in our community. Supporting these organizations is a great way to get involved in your community. Most shelters allow volunteers from as young as 10, with adult supervision. What a great way to instill in our children the importance of volunteering in their community. Also, as a bonus did you know spending time with animals is good for your health as well?

Here’s a small list of a few local shelters in central Ohio:

Columbus Humane

CHA Animal Shelter

Pets Without Parents

Humane Society of Delaware County

Franklin County Dog Shelter

Giving back to where we live, work & play will always be an important part of our team’s mission. Follow along as our we volunteer with local organizations all over central Ohio.

Stay tuned for our 2022 200th Home Sale Challenge where we give the proceeds from our 200th Home Sale to five local nonprofit organizations. Find more information on our winners from 2021 here. We will be accepting nominations for 2022 later on this year. Contact us today to learn more.

Looking for more ideas for nonprofits in our area who need your help? Learn more here!

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