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Ten Spring Home Preparations

We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” but what about, “the spring season brings lots of maintenance?” Well – that may not be quite as catchy, but it is certainly something that homeowners want to look out for. There are plenty of different ways homes need to be prepared for the spring and summer seasons. Here are just a few interior and exterior tasks that need to get done as the temperatures rise.

1. Aerating Your Home

Fresh air is key to a happier, healthier home. The best way to do this is opening up windows and doors to get a nice spring breeze flowing. While you’re at it, checking screens and cleaning seals is crucial to keeping out critters. Dusting off curtains and blinds as well as washing off windows will work wonders too.

2. Furnace Cleaning

Another way to ensure your air is clean is by giving your furnace some attention. Whether it be through calling an HVAC technician, or DIYing your way through, it is important to make sure you’re maintaining your furnace and replacing old air filters.

3. Checking your AC

Lady with her arms out taking a breath of fresh air.

Nothing like walking into a cool house on a blazing hot day – that is if your AC is properly working. Cleaning your AC and eliminating debris around the unit is crucial to ensure your unit is working properly, your air quality is high and you’re not wasting any energy.

4. Checking Safety Devices

Changing out batteries in carbon dioxide and smoke detectors is not something you want to overlook. Routine checks for your safety can be lifesaving. Checking your exhaust fans and fire extinguishers is just as important.

5. Checking Your Basement and Attic

Eliminating any smells or moisture you may notice could prevent molding issues or water damage. Checking your sump pump and installing a dehumidifier could also save you from issues. Many people won’t think twice about what’s going on above you, but attic checks are essential for homeowners too.

6. Inspecting Your Roof

View of a neighborhood from a rooftop.

Taking a good look at the roof that’s over your head is a brilliant idea. Contacting a trusted roof inspector will help you with this process, but if you decide to take on the task yourself remember to be safe.

7. Cleaning the Gutters

While you’re up there, cleaning the gutters and downspouts is another important task. We all know that the spring season brings lots of rain and it is important to make sure that there is nothing blocking drainage either.

8. Running Outdoor Waterlines

Make sure your water flow is smooth and there are no leaks present. Ensure that your sprinklers are also working properly and watering the correct areas on your property.

9. Upgrading Your Appliances

From doors and windows to thermostats, sometimes it can be beneficial to splurge on those modern household appliances. Not only can you live easier but you can save energy which ultimately will save you money.

10. Freshening up Your Landscaping

Outdoor landscaping with well-maintained patio.

Introducing some new plants to your landscaping can be one way to spruce up the land, but keeping it healthy is even better. Trimming anything that has overgrown, aerating your lawn, and raking up the grass before the fertilizer has been laid are all ways to keep your yard fresh and beautiful. Cleaning your patio or staining your deck is another way to bring out your home’s exterior beauty. Consider putting in a composting system to give the soil some nutrients and reduce household waste.

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