New Albany Real Estate: What do home inspectors look for? Learn what you can look out for in a home! - Central Ohio Real Estate Blog
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New Albany Real Estate: What do home inspectors look for? Learn what you can look out for in a home!

Home inspections are starting to become more common in real estate transactions these days, however before you even instruct a home inspector we give five key areas in which a keen eye could help avert disaster and save you thousands of dollars. Realty Times has come up with a great article by a home inspection to give you an insiders view:

1. Electrical System – whether an older or brand new home, mistakes can be made. Get this checked by a professional as this is definately something which could cause disaster if any issues are not corrected

2. Foundations – although some cracks in homes are normal, those caused by large trees planted next to a home (creating uneven floors for instance) could signify damaged foundations, this may also be noticable in windows which no longer line up or opencorrectly.

3. Plumbing – Again, another job for the professionals! If this is not configured correctly, again, whether an older or brand new home, this could cause a major headache down the line, not to mention a potential flood hazard.

4. Attic – Your attic is a great bell weather for the health of your home as it shows repairs, the condition of the structure of the roof, this can show the root of other problems. The beams are visable, the roofing can be checked as well as the insulation. Any bad repairs are easily noticable up here.

5.Landscaping – Always keep at least a 12 inch gap between landscaping and your property, not just for foundations, but also for mold and mildew growth. Make sure to adjust your sprinkler system accordingly

Definately some helpful tips for homeowners and home buyers!! Home inspections are a great way of having a professional inspect a home, prepare a report full of all of those issue which you may not notice as an untrained eye! Hiring a home inspector is an important decision – Talk to your Realtor as they have the experience to assist you with making a selection.

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