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New Albany Ohio Real Estate: Sellers, look at your Garage Space!

Courtesy of Public Domain Pictures.netMany people simply see their garage as a place to park the car..or the boat, atv, jet skis or anything else they can think of!

Garages take up a huge amount of space in your home and showing that space in a useful way can help home buyers visualize living in the home better – which of course is a benefit to sellers looking to make a sale! Often many hundreds of square feet the garage can feel cluttered and useless. Junk is often a real killer in the garage space as it has a tendency to multiply!

However,by following the latest trends in garage space, you will know that it is important to keep it clean, organized and make it feel like an extension of your main living area. There are many new ways to try and give more space, such as the Auto Elevator – these machines allow you to drive your car onto it and then at the touch of a button the car is lifted up so another can be driven underneath! Pretty cool! Garages are getting larger as bigger cars and SUV’s have been created and now that many families have multiple vehicles and homeowners associations often restrict on street parking, garage space is at a premium! So the key to success in solving your storage problem is as follows:

1. Get organized with your clutter – our recent blog post on getting your clutter in order is a great bedtime read! A great start on the track to being a new you!

2. Finish the garage out with a new floor perhaps and proper walls. This will give a cleaner, fresher appearance and make it feel more like a room.

3. Give everything a fresh coat of paint! It is amazing what a fresh coat of pain will do – perhaps continue a theme you have indoors out to the garage?

If these simple suggestions are followed then your garage will be an asset to you home! It’ll make your life easier and make your home more saleable.

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