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New Albany Real Estate – Spring Is Coming! Enhance Your Curb Appeal Through Landscaping

Spring is nearly here! This means that the bedding plants and trees will soon awaken from their wintry slumber and grace us with the joys of the season – color!

Effective planting and landscaping can be a great way to improve your property if you are selling your home in New Albany as it adds curb appeal and really does entice buyers if done right.

When we speak of landscaping, investing a few hundred dollars could make a huge difference to a buyer. In fact, curb appeal can be the sole reason prospective buyers ever end up entering a home!

There are key tips to take into consideration:

1. Color – Use Colorful plants to line walkways and the entrance to your home.

2. Mulch – This is not just a functional piece of landscaping any more! Use colored mulch to brighten up a planting bed.

3. Artificial Grass – consider this, high quality artificial grass can look as great as the real thing, use selectively in certain areas of your garden to brighten up ugly spots!

4.  Space – Create the illusion of space by effective planting, use tall thin plants and bushes as opposed to small wide ones. Another tip in this area is to break up fencing and make the boundaries look bigger than they are by hiding them!

5. Driveway – Clean that driveway! We all know that a driveway is functional, but there is nothing better than a clean tidy drive. Pressure wash the driveway and tidy away any clutter. The drive and the garage is often one of the first impressions that a prospective buyer will have of your home. Make it a good one!

So there you have it, five relatively simple tips for landscaping the outside of your home cheap and effectively if you are selling your home in Central Ohio. Spring is coming, be prepared as more and more people get out and look for a new home in the area.

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